Scenario Flow Jeff, an office worker, uses Urbanbite to find a home-cooked meal close to his apartment in New York. Mary, an aspiring chef who works weekends, uses Urbanbite to advertise her cooking ability and earn extra money. Find a Meal Jeff decides to find a meal that he can pick up on his way […]

Bank of America

Escape from Wonderland

Concept Generation Escape from Wonderland was inspired by the work of Louis von Ahn, the creator of reCAPTCHA and more recently, Duolingo. Both of these products use implicit crowdsourcing, marrying a free service that the user wants with a task that they are able to perform better than computers, the output of which a company […]


Interviews For the research portion of our project, we needed to learn more about our department, Global Markets. We decided to interview professors at Carnegie Mellon in order to gain more insight about this line of business. We had an interview with Professor Bryan Routledge in Tepper to discuss Global Markets and financial markets as […]